Here's Why It Can't Be Selena Gomez In That Viral Chris Evans Video

Fans think they spotted Selena Gomez in an Instagram Story video shared by Chris Evans. In the video, the Captain America actor plays the piano while somebody films him. One TikTok user believed they could see the reflection of a long-haired brunette on the piano's surface. “Who's the brunette filming bottom right corner, Chris?” the video asks.

Rumors about a potential romance between the two stars have been swirling for a while, so, fans were thrilled at the apparent clue. While Gomez does frequently rock long, dark hair, that's actually the very thing that proves this isn't the Only Murders in the Building actress.

Evans posted the video of himself playing piano on Tuesday (October 26), showing off his "rainy day activity. The 40-year-old movie star, who grew up in Massachusetts and frequently visits his family there, was likely in his home state that day as a nor'easter hit the east coast. Gomez, of course, resides in Los Angeles.

Now, back to the hair. Gomez debuted a sleek new hairstyle last week. The 29-year-old actress showed off her bob in a TikTok live stream to support the season finale of Only Murders in the Building.

Between the likelihood that these two were in different states, as well as the fact that Gomez did not have long hair, at the time the video was taken, it would seem this "clue" is anything but.

Unsurprisingly, neither Evans nor Gomez has responded to the speculation surrounding their love lives. Even if it was Gomez in that video, however unlikely, fans probably won't be getting any confirmation about these theories.

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