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How Do People Deal Wth Election Day Stress? We Have The Answers!

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Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day. There is plenty of evidence that this year’s election will have a record turnout. That can only be good for our democracy. However, Election Day, particularly this year, can cause many people to become very stressed out. So how do most people deal with this stress?

A Harris Poll survey got some pretty fascinating answers! Let’s check them out!

1. 46% of Americans say they will chow down on junk food to deal with the stress.

2. 42% of those people mentioned above in number one will choose pizza as their choice of food.

3. 26% will drink beer; 23% will drink wine; and 15% will choose hard liquor!

4. 13% will choose cannabis products on Election Day!

Finally, 46% of Americans will sit around and watch the results roll in while 23% said they can’t handle it and will wait until the next day to learn the results. Wow! Interesting stuff! So how will you cope with Election Day? Let me know!

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