Those two letters is all it takes to know you're talking about the guy on the radio! Once mistaken as a Backstreet Boy many moons ago, thus given the moniker "A.J.", spoon feeds you compelling entertainment, info, and fun. A.J.'s radio career began before he was even old enough to drive and now we like to think of him as our local Seacrest. In his spare time, A.J. likes to hang out with friends at his favorite local restaurants, hit up the gym, tan, or chill with C.J., his cat. He's also known for his exemplary text messaging skills, just not while driving. A.J. loves meeting his listeners, so if you see him out don't hesitate to say hi! His baby blue eyes and that sexy voice are hard to resist. And to this day, whenever he is asked the obligatory, "What does A.J. stand for?", he just smiles and says, "It's a nickname and no one will ever know".