Uber Driver And His Passenger Get Into A Fight Over A....Fart?

Sporty senior man loves boxing and is stronger than ever.

Okay, this is one truly sorry story but it’s true! An Uber passenger in Britain is charged with assault after he punch the Uber driver after the driver asked him to leave the car after he......farted!

The passenger let it rip in the back seat and the driver, unhappy with the smell, asked the passenger, James Mallet, to leave his vehicle. Mallet responded by offering to fight the driver, Alexsander Bonchev, then punching him in the head. The fight spilled into the street where Bonchev knocked the passenger to the ground.

Mallet was arrested, fined $650, required to serve a 6 month jail term, and 120 hours of community service. Bonchev suffered a broken finger which caused him to miss work, lose his job and house, and had to return to his home country of Bulgaria. Boy, that really “stinks” right?

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