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Have You Ever Heard Of These Obscure Magazines?

stack of color magazine

Everyone has a favorite magazine. Time, Rolling Stone, and Better Homes and Gardens are a few of the more popular ones. However, did you know that there are some very obscure magazines that are devoted to a very small niche of readers? Well read below for a few of the more off-beat magazines that are out there!

1. Emu Today and Tomorrow. Yes it’s a whole magazine devoted to the state of emu farming!

2. Spudman. A technical magazine that is devoted to the science of growing potatoes. Sounds like interesting reading while eating your bag of chips!

3. Miniature Donkey Talk. Believe it or not, this magazine, loaded with information on how to keep this little animals looking sharp, has been around for 25 years!

4. PRO. An industry magazine devoted to, uh, porta-johns. The PRO stands for Portable Restroom Operator. Sounds like interesting bathroom reading material.

5. Crappie Now. Now this sounds like the name for a porta-john magazine, but it’s not. It’s a magazine about fishing for a very specific type of fish: the North American freshwater Sunfish. Interesting huh?

There are 5 very obscure magazines. There are probably many more, but I thought these were very interesting. Have you heard of any others? Let me know!

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