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Are You Reluctant To Turn On The Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner

Summer is practically here! Although the warm days we have had actually makes it feel like summer is already here. As a result, air conditioners will soon be humming in neighborhoods all across the country. However, a recent survey by a British news organization found that Americans are usually very reluctant to turn on the a/c.

Here are some of the highlights of the recent survey:

•People will suffer through five sweaty, sleepless nights before giving in and turning on the air conditioning.

•67% actually think they can beat the heat. They usually can’t.

•55% of Americans feel “defeated” when they finally turn on the air conditioning.

•One in seven Americans admit to waiting until August to turn on the air conditioning.

Me, I value my sleep too much to fight the urge to turn on the a/c. If it gets too uncomfortable I’m my room due to the heat, I hit the a/c’s power button! Any one else feel the same way? Let me know!

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