Reporter Gets Caught With His Pants Down.....Literally!

Working at home during this pandemic can have a few benefits. You don’t have to shower early in the morning, stop at the store for your morning cup of coffee, or make sure you are wide awake for that 9 AM meeting with your boss. Heck, you don’t even have to get dressed until noon if you don’t want to! However, if you are a reporter who will be doing a story from your home, make sure the camera you are using only catches what you want viewers to see!

ABC News reporter, Will Reeve, son of the late Superman actor, Christopher Reeve, probably wished he had a cameraman working his broadcast recently when he did a story about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescriptions on a “Good Morning America” segment. Reeve acts as his own cameraman and had the camera a little bit too far away during his live report. Viewers saw Reeve, in a suit coat and shirt, get caught with his pants down, literally!

It appears Reeve had no pants on during his report! Oh he had shorts on, but no dressy pants to match his suit coat! After viewers called him out on Twitter, Reeve, taking it all in stride, tweeted back “I HAVE ARRIVED. In the most hilariously, mortifying way possible.” Yes you have, Will!