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Here Are A Few Ideas On How To Entertain Yourself If You Are Staying In!

Midsection Of Woman Having Drink While Reading Book On Carpet

As the corona virus becomes more prevalent, many of us will be staying inside more in order to protect ourselves and our families. For the foreseeable future, life is going to be radically different than it was prior to the virus. As such, we felt that we might suggest some ways to pass the time while officials deal with the pandemic. So here they are:

•READ A BOOK! Our busy lifestyle has cause many of us to keep the books on the shelf. Now might be a good time to pull one off the bookcase and immerse yourself into it!

•Play a board game! Rediscover how much fun Monopoly and Scrabble used to be before our lives became hectic and stressful!

•Put together a puzzle! Surely you must have a 500-1,000 piece puzzle buried in your closet. Pull it out and get the whole family involved!

•Have an indoor picnic! Lay out a blanket in your living room, bring some food out in a basket, and find a family-friendly movie to watch on Netflix!

•Take an online class! You may not be able to actually attend a class, but there are many colleges and university’s that offer courses online!

•Clean our a closet or room! Surely there is some room or closet in your house that you have been meaning to clean out but just couldn’t find the time. Well, now you will have the time!

These are just some of the ideas we have come up with. Do some brainstorming and we are sure you will find other ideas too

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