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The Top 10 Creepiest Theme Music From Movies For Your Halloween Party!

With tomorrow being Halloween, it’s time for one last Halloween blog! Thank heavens, right? Anyway, if you are planning a Halloween party and are looking for some spooky music, here is a list of the Top 10 “Creepy and Scary Theme Songs” from movies. The list was compiled by upvenue.com:

#10 - “Candyman” The piano score is creepy yet innocent, if that’s possible;

#9. - “Unsolved Mysteries” The TV show which was hosted by Robert Stack;

#8  - “The X-Files” A song as creepy as anything Scully and Mulder ever chased after;

#7  - “Nightmare on Elm Street” You better play this or else Freddy will come after you in your dreams;

#6  “Children of the Corn” Creepy children singing the same syllables over and over again;

#5  - “Rosemary’s Baby” Make it stop!!

#4  - “Jaws” The theme itself was as scary as the giant shark;

#3  - “Psycho” The violin in the theme will get you before you step into the shower;

#2  - “Halloween” An appropriate song right? It is according to Michael Myers;

#1  - “The Exorcist” The theme “Tubular Bells” was creepy and catchy at the same time! You may need a priest to excise it out of your brain!

There is your party music! Now go put on your costume and have some fun!

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