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Can Music Affect Your Romantic Relationships? One Study Says "Yes!"

It appears from a recent study that while music can foster personal romantic relationships, it can also have the opposite effect: being a non-starter for relationships, or worse, ruining them!

Online music ticket retailer, TickPick, recently did a study to see how various genres of music affected romantic relationships. The results were enlightening:

•1 in 5 people wouldn’t date someone with bad taste in music;

•46% of women and 54% of men would date someone they considered had bad taste in music;

•45% of men think hip-hop is an unattractive genre of music while 37% of women find heavy metal to be unattractive;

•41% of men find classic rock to be the most attractive genre while 39% of women think its hip-hop;

•Both men and women list classic rock as there music preference, while 35% of single people can’t listen to a certain type of music because it reminds them of an ex.

Finally, couples that both enjoyed classic rock, oldies, jazz, country, or folk rated their relationship satisfaction as high. So there you have it! The effect music can have on relationships!

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