July Is National Ice Cream Month!

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July is National Ice Cream month! Furthermore, Sunday, July 15th will be National Ice Cream Day! In July, 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5219 which designated the third Sunday in July to be National Ice Cream Day and July to be National Ice Cream Month. 

So we all know ice cream is delicious and popular, especially in the Summer months, but just how popular is it? Well, here are some statistics to look over while enjoying your favorite flavor. First, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, the U.S. Ice Cream Industry produces over $10 billion a year in revenue. Second, over $7 billion is consumed just in the United States! Finally, almost 10 percent of all milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers goes to the production of ice cream!

While there is some disagreement where ice cream first came from, it was probably “invented” in China. Lastly, according to Ben and Jerry’s, the top 5 flavors requested by their customers are: Half Baked; Cherry Garcia; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; Chocolate Fudge Brownie; and The Tonight Dough. So, what is your personal favorite?

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