Remember Grumpy Cat?! He Just Won A BIG Lawsuit!

Will she still be grumpy? Grumpy the Cat is a little more richer after a California jury awarded the feline a $700,000 verdict over the use of her identity. The Washington Post reported that Grumpy's owner, Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona,  won her lawsuit over the Grenade Beverage Company for unauthorized use of Grumpy's image on some of their products. The lawsuit was first filed in 2016.

Bundesen originally signed her cat up to promote the company's "Grumpy Cat Grumpuccino," but the company then proceeded to use Grumpy's image to promote other Grenade products. An eight-person jury agreed with Bundesen's lawyer, David Jonelis, and awarded her what Jonelis called a "complete victory."

Bundesen originally posted pictures of Grumpy in 2012. Since then, the feline has become an internet phenomenon and a merchandising machine. Grumpy's dwarfism and an underbite have given her the scowl she is famous for. So, despite her recent fortunes, Grumpy will still be grumpy!

For more on Grumpy the Cat's lawsuit, check this out!



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