These Albums Turn 10 Years Old This Year!

So I seriously cannot believe it - But a few albums we all know and love are turning 10 years old this year. Where did the time go?

The list includes:

  • “The Fame” Lady Gaga – Notable Tracks:  Poker Face, Just Dance, LoveGame, Paparazzi – Station to Promote: iHeart2000s 
  • “Fearless” Taylor Swift  Notable Tracks: You Belong With Me, Love Story, Fifteen, Fearless – Station To Promote: iHeart2000s
  • “Death Magnetic” Metallica – Notable Tracks: The Day That Never Comes, Cyanide -  Station To Promote – Full Metal Jackie 
  • “Viva La Vida” Coldplay – Notable Tracks: Viva La Vida, Lost!, Violet Hill – Station To Promote: iHeart2000s 
  • “Tha Carter III” Lil Wayne Notable Tracks: Lollipop, A Milli, Got Money, Mrs. Officer – Station To Promote: iHeart2000s
  • “Only By The Night” Kings Of Leon – Notable Tracks: Sex On Fire, Use Somebody, Notion, Crawl – Station To Promote: iHeart2000s

Brooke was joking with me that a lot of these albums are from my "prime" days (WHAT?!)

Did I ever tell you I met Lady Gaga right after that album came out? Omg, it was back when I was in PA. I knew someone from her management, who invited me to an after party at a club in New Jersey. 

There she was, in a pink scarf and fancy yellow and pink dress. Just chatting up with the crowd. I went over to her, and she told me to call her Stephanie. She hugged me, and my best friend there took a picture I'll always cherish of that embrace. We laughed and joked about her performance and numerous outfits at the time. I knew she was going to be huge. I even bought her a drink at the bar, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

I'll never forget that night.

Welp, that went off topic! Which one of these albums was your favorite?



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