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Best Grammys Moments!

The Grammys are all set to take place this Sunday at 7:30 EST on CBS. In honor of the awards turning the big 6-0, Billboard took a look at the best Grammys moments of each year. It's worth reading the full list here! Here are some of the best of the best:

A tie for song of the year! - 1978

At the 1978 awards, Barbra Streisand’s “Love Theme from A Star Is Born (Evergreen),” and Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life” were BOTH awarded the Best Song Grammy. This is the only time a tie has happened for the category (so far). 

1988 - Michael Jackson takes the Grammys stage for the first time

While MJ won before 1988, this was his first time performing and it was amazing!  

1998 - A shirtless dancer flails around Bob Dylan's set 

Sorry Kanye, you weren't the first. Artist, Michael Portnoy, was supposed to be dancing in the back. In the middle of Bob Dylan singing, he ripped off his shirt and showcased "Soy Bomb" written on his chest. It was weird...

2001 - Eminem and Elton John Duet

The duo of all duos! Eminem invited Elton John on stage to perform his song "Stan." This was big because Eminem was getting heat for homophobic language (among other things) on his songs.  

2010 - P!nk Soars!

The singer wowed the world when she sang her song "Glitter in the Air" well in the air! It's a must see and she hasn't disappointed with her performances since! 

2011 - Lady Gaga Hatches

After being carried down the red carpet in an egg, Lady Gaga "hatched" onstage to perform "Born this Way." 

2017 - Adele wins, thanks Beyoncé

Adele cleaned up at the Grammys last year. When the British singer won "Album of the Year" she took some time to thank "artist of my life," Beyoncé, who was also in the running for her album, Lemonade. After the awards, a lot of people had a lot of different opinions on what happened, but it definitely made Grammy history. 

2018 - ???

Who knows what will go down Sunday night, but we are so ready!!! What your favorite Grammy moment of all time??? 

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