St. Louis Family Receives Hilarious Family Photos!

Next time you get professional photos taken it may be best to do some research and ask to see a portfolio. As one family in St. Louis was quick to learn, there is such a thing as too much retouching.

© Lesa Hall 2017

Parents Pam and Dave Zaring paid someone who claimed to be a professional photographer $250 to take what they had hoped would be a lovely set of family portraits. After waiting months to receive the photos, the family was in for a big surprise when they were finally delivered last week. 

What the family received turned out to look more like dystopian illustrations than photographs of the family. The images were retouched to the point that the family was barely recognizable! Skin tones were muted, complexions blurred, and faces appeared to be drawn on. Check out Pam's Facebook post below for the full set! 


Thankfully for the family, the photos turned out to be far too funny for them to be upset. Pam's post has been shared roughly 400,000 times and the humor alone has made the high cost worth it. A word of advice to all aspiring photographers: learn how to properly retouch photographs! 




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