WATCH: Guy makes sweet beats using an Excel spreadsheet

I've got to give credit where it's due, Dylan Tallchief may be the only person on Earth who has made the typically boring Excel spreadsheet software interesting... by using it to make music! The creator figured out a combination of formulas and functions to create an auto-looping drumbeat, much cooler than just the spreadsheet to crunch numbers. Best of all, he actually shows you how to use the sheet for yourself and has the link for it in the video description so that you too can make sweet beats in Excel instead of falling asleep on your keyboard.

It looks like Dylan used a 4/4 time signature, included snare, bass, and hi-hat as instrument samples, and had a cell on the sheet to adjust the beats per minute (tempo) among a wide variety of other options, including the ability to copy/paste entire beat patterns and layer them over each other.

[Via Dylan Tallchief]

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