Avril Lavigne Talks New Album 'Love Sux'

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Avril Lavigne released her first album?! 

Avril Lavigne chatted with Ryan Seacrest on-air today to talk all about her new album Love Sux, and what she’s most proud of about the record. 

“I feel like this is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” the "Love It When You Hate Me" singer told Seacrest. “No holding back.” 

Lavigne’s first album Let Go was released in 2002 and featured some of her biggest hits including “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated.” 

The pair also bonded about how long they’ve known each other. “Ryan, you’ve been there since day one,” Avril told Seacrest when she remembered her performance in Hollywood on Seacrest’s 2004 TV show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Avril’s seventh studio album “Love Sux” releases on February 25, 2022, and features Travis Barker playing drums on the record. The album is also under Barker’s record label, DTA Records.


Photo: OAWRS

Watch the full interview above and check out her latest single here.

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