My top 5 One Hit Wonders of all time

Today is #OneHitWonderDay so I compiled a list of my fave all time One Hit Wonders. One hit wonders are one of my fave things about being a DJ and on the radio. If a song ever makes you say "OHHHH Shoot" when it comes on, that is a one hit wonder. 


5. "Return of the Mack" Mark Morrison

This song is one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time. Whenever I am DJing and that first beat of the intro drops, all you hear is people scream "ohhhhhhhh". Mark had his fair share of hits in England, but this was the only one to make it big in the US in 1998. 


4. "Macarena" Los Del Rio

A former boss early on in my radio career told me this "If a song has it's own dance, it's gonna be a huge hit". He was right, this song took the world by storm. Could you imagine if this song came out today with Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook? This song is over 20 years old, and still gets people doing that dance. 


3. "Informer" Snow

Back in Greece NY this song was THE JAM! I was in 9th grade, and all of my friends were obsessed with this song. A white reggae artist....from Toronto? WHAT? We are this song up like candy. Also, he performed at a radio station concert in my hometown where he got busted at Greece Ridge Mall shooting people with a Super Soaker (How 90's is that?) water gun. He was arrested for that, and that cemented his position as a one hit wonder icon. 


2. "I Wish" Skee-Lo

This may not be on most blogs or other lists, but it's #2 on mine. What a great video, Skee-Lo tapped into the huge buzz of Forrest Gump to parody Tom Hank's character in this video. This song just sounds happy, how can you not smile and bop your head when you hear this? Also the funny video adds to the positive vibes this song oozes. 


1. "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice

Because there is no greater one hit wonder. Forget your 'Come On Eileen" or "Take on Me" by A-Ha this song stands the test of time. Another early 90's hip hop classic, for a minute Vanilla Ice was the pioneer for white rappers, for about 5 minutes. This song STILL gets people on the floor, and the best part know every single word. 



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