There is a new doc about Jim Carrey becoming Andy Kaufman

Man on the Moon was a movie released in the late 90's all about the life of comedian Andy Kaufman. Jim Carrey portrayed the late comedian, and apparently was so into character that he only replied to people when they called him Andy. 

There was a ton of behind the scenes footage that was kept secret until now. 

From Netflix:

Jim Carrey earned critical acclaim and a Golden Globe for the performance, but many of the production’s most Kaufmanesque moments played out behind the scenes, thankfully captured on video by Andy’s former girlfriend, Lynne Margulies and former writing partner, Bob Zmuda. In Jim & Andy, Carrey looks back at the resulting footage 18 years later, reflecting on how he and Andy came up in oddly parallel universes, his experience channeling Andy and Tony and more broadly the spiritual journey of his career.



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