Henry Cavill's Superman Workout is Hardcore

Henry Cavill has been Superman in 2 movies so far and has at least 2 more coming including November's Justice League. Out of all the Supermans he has been the most jacked. Looking at his workout routine, it is no wonder why.

Try this super workout next time you hit the gym.

Perform the workout once per week.

Exercises marked with a letter (“A,” “B,” and so on) are done in sequence and flow into each other. You’ll use the same weight and do one set of A, then immediately go on to one set of B, and so on for all the moves in the group. Rest, then repeat the sequence.

1. Hang Clean And JerkReps: Work up to one heavy rep.

2A. Clean PullSets: 4 Reps: 1

2B. Power CleanSets: 4 Reps: 1

2C. Front SquatSets: 4 Reps: 1

2D. Push PressSets: 4 Reps: 1

2E. Split JerkSets: 4 Reps: 1

3. Front SquatReps: Work up to your one-rep max.

4A. Front SquatSets: 3 Reps: 7

4B. Back SquatSets: 3 Reps: 13

For more on this workout check out Men's Fitness



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