NASCAR FIGHT!!!! Joey Logano VS Kyle Busch

YEEEE HAW what we have here is some two good ol' boys throwing fists at a good old fashioned NASCAR race, because what do you expect to happen at a NASCAR race? As you watch this video keep a few things in mind.

Apparently Kyle Busch (the M&M guy) had his car bumped by Joey (The Penzoil guy, they both wear yellow, it's confusing) and he was none too pleased, so he had to throw some hammers to show Joey NO ONE BUMPS KYLE'S CAR!!! 

Could you imagine if you got out of your car and started throwing hay makers at every little fender bender you were involved with? The crime rate would be through the roof, that is why we keep NASCAR only in the south (or in Vegas). 

Second, Kyle Busch, ya know the M&M guy.....but for how long? I am sure the candy company who is famous for having lovable animated candies in every one of their commercials, and being very kid friendly loved seeing their logo on a grown man trying to knock out a guy for bumping his car. 

Lastly, WHERE THE HELL IS SECURITY? Am I the only one who was like, "wait a sec, so dude just comes through like 7 people with no one stopping him and starts getting all Rocky Balboa on this dude?" Also, check the guy in the red who is screaming "FIGHT, FIGHT" like he's in 6th grade and trying to alert a teacher.

So much to break down in such a short time....




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