Candy Corn. A Survey On Who Loves It The Most

Bowl of Halloween Candy Corns and Jack O' Lantern

Candy corn. You either love it or hate it. Candy corn just seems to be a polarizing piece of candy. I remember hating it when someone dropped a bag of it in my trick-or-treat pumpkin. Anyway, many people do love the little piece of white, orange, and yellow candy.

Well according to a poll by the National Confectioners Association, we now know who loves the candy the most and how they actually eat it! Gen X seems to love the candy the most at 58% saying they enjoy it, while Baby Boomers are next at 56%. Gen Zers comes next at 49% while Millennials come in at 46%.

So how do people eat the little pieces of candy? Well 29% start eating it at the white end while 7% start at the yellow end. 65% just eat the whole thing in one bite! How about you? Do you like candy corn or not and how do you eat it? Let me know!

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