A Man Showed Up At A Taco Bell Drive-Thru Wearing What??

Customer Receiving Food at Drive Thru

Customer Receiving Food at Drive Thru

Okay, this report was quite interesting. It seems that a 61 year old Oklahoma man went to a Taco Bell drive-thru, ordered his food, and paid for it. Nothing wrong there, right?

He also came back a few times to ask for more sauce, napkins, and additional condiments. This can be a little annoying but it’s not illegal or anything, right? Well unfortunately every time he went through the drive-thru he was, uh, naked! Yup, nothing but his birthday suit!

Taco Bell employees eventually called the authorities who detained 61 year old Christopher Sale. When questioned why he was driving naked, he told the police that his clothes were in the washer and he did not know it was illegal to drive naked. Yes, Chris, they are public decency laws that need to be followed. Driving naked is really not allowed. Sorry dude. Hope the taco was good though!

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