Motorola To Introduce A Classic Update On A Past Cell Phone Favorite: Razr!

In the early 2000’s, if you were like me, you once owned a Motorola Razr cell phone. Before the advent of the smartphone, the Razr was one of the sleekest, coolest phones you could own. It seemed like everyone wanted one.

Well in early January 2020, Motorola will reintroduce the smartphone Razr! Once again you will be able to finish your conversation and “flip” the stylish cell phone closed. This time however, the Razr will be an updated smartphone with some neat features! The Razr will operate with two screens. The standard one once you open the phone and a “Quick View” screen on the outside which lets you perform basic functions like play movies, take selfies, and get notifications without opening the phone!

The phone will be a bit pricy at $1,500 but something tells me that won’t be an obstacle for those who want to relive the past. Pre-orders for the phone will begin on December 26, with expected delivery beginning on January 9, 2020

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