The Impossible Whopper Becomes A Great Seller For Burger King!

It appears that meatless burgers are all becoming very popular. Syracuse-based Carrols Restaurants “Impossible Whopper” has been selling nearly 34,000 units a day at its Burger King restaurants. As a result, the chain is adding additional “meatless” burgers to its menu!

The meatless Whopper’s strong sales has contributed to the chain’s increase in sales by 7.9% in September which is when the Impossible Whopper was added to the Burger King menu. The meatless burger (630 calories, 34 grams of fat, 1,080 mg of sodium) is not much more healthier than a regular Whopper (660, 40, 980), but is considered better for the environment.

The environment issue has caused young people to purchase the Impossible Whopper over a regular Whopper because of the environmental damage caused by cattle farming, which can lead to greenhouse gas production and antibiotic use in cattle. In any case, Carrols Restaurants is very pleased with sales of the Impossible Whopper as it had brought in new customers while not impacting the sales of its regular Whopper.

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