Have You Ever Seen An ORANGE Lobster Before?

A lobster destined to become a meal for some lucky shopper won a reprieve because of its color!  No, the lobster wasn’t red, it was orange!  Workers at the Roche Brothers Supermarket in Westboro, Massachusetts, discovered the orange crustacean in a box of lobsters that was received from Nova Scotia. 

The store decided that the lobster was too unique to sell, and decided to donate it to the New England Aquarium. The lobster is believed to be between 7 to 9 years old. The aquarium said that the lobster will be quarantined for a month before being put on display

The University of Maine’s Lobster Institute said that orange lobsters are extremely rare. In fact, the likelihood of being an orange lobster is about 1 in 30 million!  So because of his color, the little fella will get a second chance at life!

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