96 Year Old Man Receives His Associates Degree, 68 Years Later!

The University of Toledo had a very special graduate accept his degree this past Saturday, May 5th. 96 year old Bob Barger received his Associate’s Degree 68 years after he took his last class. Barger received a standing ovation from the assembled crowd. 

A review of Barger’s transcripts from the 1940’s, showed the he had completed enough classes to qualify for a degree but did not receive one because a degree wasn’t offered at the time. Barger was a World War 2 veteran who flew planes in the Navy. After the war, he enrolled in Toledo, but never finished his degree because he was raising a family and holding down a job. 

In accepting his degree, Barger said that the honor reminded him of all his family and friends who have been part of his life!  What a wonderful occasion for this veteran. Congratulations, Bob! You have earned it!

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