monday motivation – create change!

thankfully, it's Monday! I hope this weekend you had moments of herbal essence commercial freshness and pure energy to raise the bar in ever area of life: pursue, grow, impact and crush it at the next level. 

remember that one moment where you said, not again, not another day, I will not ever let this happen again! then, you decided to adventure, explore and seek what you were truly after and created the change needed to better the quality of your life.

  • how were you breathing in this moment (intensely?)
  • how free did you feel when you made the change?
  • what meaning did you give did you give it?

over coffee this weekend, my best friend Nelly and I chatted about that special sauce within people that continue to reach, push and drive forward, and win in life – humans like you, open to change to become the best version of who we are. 

winning in life, for me, means being rich emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

is it inborn? is it luck? no. it's holding yourself to a higher standard and then, wiring the belief that empowers you + creating the new connections or patterns that become you.  with me? + my best friend and I both could be 2 degrees crazy and hold each other to a ridiculous standards... rather have that and fail, learn and grow vs. never touching my fullest potential, with me?

say, YES. louder. so here it is, let recreate those patterns BECAUSE it starts here:

getting LEVERAGE on yourself. see we can tell each other to change the patterns that hold us back, but does that always work? no. influencer comes from sparking an emotion in someone that pushes them to create the change. but that starts with create self-leverage.

with me?


  • something must change
  • I must change it
  • I have the power to change it

“If you want to take the island you need to burn the boats.” —Tony Robbins.


  • pivot, scramble and give new thoughts to the pattern, with new thoughts comes new feelings – deepen them, rewire that cycle – easiest way is to make radical change in the body and begin by catching your thoughts, rethinking them and giving them new meaning. 


  • any thought, emotion or behavior that is constantly reinforced will become a habit – as we spoke a few notes ago, when the body knows as well as the mind – boom, welcome to crush it town. 
  • *now reward yourself or as the kids say, "treat yourself, YO!" we must link the pleasure of the good coming from these changes. reward yourself emotionally for even the small progress, and you will WIN. 

don't wait, life doesn't – go be the best you. smile, we need it that big bright, bold sun radiating on us. thanks for being you.

BE YOU! - DeMario



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