Study: 60% Of People Admit To Having Sex While Working From Home

Shoutout to all the bosses who were unknowingly paying for their employees to have sex this year. Because that’s apparently what most people have been up to in quarantine. A new survey that’s going to make you question every Zoom participant with their camera off has found 58% of people admit they’ve had sex on the clock while working from home.

And it’s actually millennials that have been getting freaky the most in lockdown. According to the study, the average millennial has had sex twice as much as a baby boomer and 68% of our generation even admitted to trying new stuff in the bedroom. On top of that, all this time alone with their partner finally got 52% of millennials to reveal their fetishes and kinks, but alas, only 45% actually scratched that itch. But there’s always quarantine 2.0 to look forward to right?

Turns out working from home together may have actually been the best thing to happen to relationships since Netflix and chilling. About half the millennials survey said they’ve spent more time with their partner and 42% have found themselves intentionally making an effort for one another.