Man Eats Raw Onion For ‘COVID Taste Test’ Trend

A New Jersey man lost his sense of taste and smell and figured it might be coronavirus related. Russell Donnelly went and got a rapid test and it confirmed his suspicion as the test came back positive for the virus. However, his friends didn't believe him. 

So to prove it to them, he decided to join the “COVID Taste Test” trend on TikTok and made a video of himself eating a raw onion and garlic paste while also drinking a shot of lemon juice. Donnelly posted the video on TikTok last week and it soon went viral, getting more than 15.4 million views.

The “COVID Taste Test” trend isn't new, it's been around a while but many people are seeing it for the very first time. He continues to make more "COVID Taste Test" videos which show him eating an Oreo with Wasabi in it, drinking orange juice after brushing his teeth with a huge glob of toothpaste, and drinking shots of vinegar.