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August 25th Is National Banana Split Day!

Banana Split

Tuesday, August 25th is National Banana Split Day! A celebration of that glorious ice cream dish that gets your mouth watering! The treat was invented in 1904 in a pharmacy (yes pharmacy!) when a young 23 year old pharmacy apprentice named David Evans Strickler conjured up the split while experimenting with new fountain sodas in his spare time.

The treat became very popular with the college crowd in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I’m fact Strickler was able to charge 10 cents for the dish when the normal price for a sundae was half that price!

So how do you make a banana split? What are the ingredients? Well here’s the answer:

1. Split a banana and put it on both sides of your boat,

2. Add a scoop of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate between the bananas,

3. Top the chocolate scoop with hot fudge, the strawberry scoop with strawberry sauce, and the vanilla scoop with candied pineapple,

4. Finish off the dish with whipped cream, crushed nuts, and maraschino cherries!

So run to the store today and get the proper ingredients so you can enjoyed National Banana Split Day with your own banana split! Enjoy!

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