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According To Research, Music Has The Ability To Affect Our Mood. Here's Why

Music is an important part of everyday life for many people. We get exposed to music when we are very young, develop a taste for it as we grow up, and bring it with us as an adult. Music is a distraction for many from everyday stress while some people write music for a living.

Music has been found to also regulate our moods. Here are a few reasons why this may be the case from Medical Daily:

•Music can act as an emotional release without harming anyone. It can help release pain and frustration;

•Music can have a nostalgic effect. It can remind us of a happy event in our life or remind us of a simpler time;

•Being in sync with music can be an enjoyable event. This is why dancing is so popular;

•Lyrics can put words to our feelings. Whether we write about it or just listen to a song that relates to how we feel about something;

•Finally, music is just pleasurable.

So there you have it. Some reasons why music regulates our moods. Interesting reading I think.

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