Are You Sure He Is Only 12 Years Old?!

It just doesn’t seem fair, but it is! 12 year old Olivier Rioux plays basketball for the Frenchy  Phenoms. That doesn’t seem unusual, but what is unusual is the fact that Olivier is a 6 foot 9 inch 12 year old!

Olivier likes to shoot from the outside, but, due to his height, he can dunk the ball, too. In fact, there is pretty much nothing he can’t do when playing against kids his own age who are of average height. To make matters worse, they play with 8 foot tall hoop instead of the normal 10 foot hoop!

I’m not sure how many games the Frenchy Phenoms have won and lost, but, with Olivier on their team, I’m willing to bet that they win more than they lose! Check the video to see Olivier in action!



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