A Beer Keg Came Out Of Nowhere And Smashed This Guy's Windshield

We all have had a stone or a rock hit our windshield and cause a crack in it. It can be dangerous, but today’s windshields are pretty sturdy and the result is usually an annoying trip to a glass repair shop after contacting our insurance company. But what a driver recently experienced is more frightening than a stone!

The driver was traveling down M4 Highway in Wentworthville, New South Wales, when his dashboard camera captured a horrifying experience. It seems that a flying beer keg appeared out of nowhere and smashed into his windshield! 

Luckily, the driver wasn’t injured, but he had no clue where the keg came from. It could have fallen off a vehicle or worse, thrown from one. At this point, police are still investigating the incident, but the driver is counting his blessings! 



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