Katy Perry Kisses A 19 Year Old Guy On American Idol


Aww! This is literally so sweet.

A 19 year old boy auditioned on one of the first episodes of the American Idol reboot. He mentioned that he works as a cashier at a store, and that he "Loved it because sometimes there's cute girls, and they're not going anywhere without saying hi." 

He went on to reveal he has indeed never been in a relationship, and that he can't kiss a girl until he's in one.

Katy offered to change that instantly, and what everyone thought would be just a kiss on the cheek, turned out to be a sweet, short kiss on the lips. That she snuck in! 

Needless to say, he didn't make the cut. And he needed a bottle of water after the experience.

Talk about an awesome bragging piece when trying to date, that your first kiss was Katy Perry!



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