St. Louis Woman Saves Toddler's Life

In a story that has been warming hearts across the country, a St. Louis mother donated her kidney to a toddler on Wednesday.

21-month-old Michael Loness was born via C-section in complete kidney failure. Within his first 20 months, Michael received 11 surgeries to maintain his life. The donor, Robyn Rosenberger, met Michael and his family while working for a non-profit organization, donating capes to children overcoming disabilities.


Soon after their meeting, the two were quickly on the path to a kidney transplant in hopes to save young Michael’s life. By 5:35pm, the surgery was a success! Rosenberger and Loness were awake and in recovery. Their bond  is sure to be one that lasts a lifetime.

You can follow Michael's story on his Facebook Page here!



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