Are the Jonas Brothers Getting Back Together?!?

Are the Jonas Brothers getting back together?!? That's what fans are asking after their dormant Instagram account was re-activated over the weekend. This Insta and the caption posted by musician Ryan Liestman only adds to the speculation. 


The band started trending worldwide when users thought that it might be a sign they're going to go on a reunion tour. The boy band ended in October 2013, so it's been five years, a good amount of time to wait for some more music -- or at least a tour! 

Nothing is confirmed at the moment and they haven't posted anything on the account yet. The three real-life brothers have been up to a lot in the past five years. Kevin Jonas has two kids with wife Danielle -- Alena and Valentina. 


Middle brother Joe is currently rocking it in the band DNCE and younger brother, Nick, has done amazingly well with a solo career. 

While they're all doing so well, it would be awesome for the three of them to get back together. What do you think? Was this just a fluke or a sign of things to come???  

BTW: This is their last post on the Jonas Brothers Instagram account... Hopefully not for long! 



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