Beyond the Awards: Golden Globe Highlights

This year’s Golden Globes were last night, and while I’m sure you’ve caught the hype around the winners and losers, just as important as the awards themselves is the in-between action you may have missed. Here are some of the highlights!

The night’s host, Seth Meyers, fared surprisingly well given the difficult task of presenting a humorous dialogue amid the entertainment industry's growing sexual misconduct scandal. No holds were barred as Meyers tackled topics ranging from President Trump, to marijuana and Harvey Weinstein.

Guillermo del Toro, who won Best Director for The Shape of Water this year, set a new precedent by dismissing the awards’ play-off music to finish his acceptance speech, one he had been waiting 25 years for. It looks like many years of work have finally paid off for him.

Perhaps most touching was the standing ovation for comedian Carol Burnett as she presented a couple awards alongside Jennifer Aniston. Burnett’s comedic grace is still clear and apparent, and the chemistry between the two co-presenters was astounding.

It goes without saying that any good awards show isn’t complete without controversy. Tommy Wiseau, illustrious director of The Room, was invited on-stage to join James Franco as he accepted an award for his portrayal of Wiseau in this year’s The Disaster Artist. Wiseau’s advances toward the mic were quickly rebuffed by Franco in what has become a viral sensation producing one of the biggest memes of the year thus far.


Honorable mention goes to actor Timothée Chalamet for his reaction when he realized he was seated near Tonya Harding, giving us yet another meme-worthy moment.



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