WATCH: Ariana Grande's Sudden Voice Change Shocks Fans: 'What Has Happened'

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Fans were shocked after megastar Ariana Grande's voice drastically changed during an interview with Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley amid the latest episode of iHeartRadio podcast, Podcrushed.

One moment, the Wicked standout is talking about how she felt like Austin Powers while recording new music joking, "That's the only thing I thought of," in a normal voice. Ari pauses to collect herself, and the very next moment, speaks into the microphone in a higher pitched voice.

"Yeah, I've been writing a lot. Maybe there's some more. I would like to do a deluxe version at some point." The change in tone is very noticeable, so much so in fact, that a clip from the interview has since went viral on X, per E! News.

Fans continue to express their surprise and shock at this particular moment in the two-part interview stating, "this voice change is sending me, regular Ariana was coming out for a second," and "most people don't know that this deep voice is really her real voice."

Some were slightly more critical when scrutinizing the actress's abrupt change in accent sharing, "I low-key hate Ariana's new voice. I miss the way she used to speak her new voice is just so forced to me." Others immediately took to the "Break Free" artist's defense, assuring that this is a normal occurrence for a vocalist.

"...of a vocalist she'll have multiple voices." Ari shut down rumors by commenting on one of the viral videos of her voice change revealing that she uses "higher placement" to preserve her voice to avoid vocal strain amid the many projects she takes on as an entertainer.

"I've always done this, BYE."

Watch the full Part 2 interview below or listen to it on iHeartRadio now!

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