Victoria Beckham Has Hilarious Reaction To Potentially Being A Grandparent

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Victoria Beckham had a humorous response when asked by Vogue about the prospect of becoming a grandmother.

The 49-year-old fashion designer playfully fanned herself off, exclaiming, "Jesus. What? Woo. Hang on," at the idea. Dismissing the notion, she stated, "I don’t think it’s happening just yet unless you guys know something that I don’t. It’s not happening just yet."

Reflecting on a conversation with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Beckham shared, "The last time I was with Anna, I was like, ‘Anna, what do your grandchildren call you?’ And she said to me, ‘Anna,'" leading to laughter. Beckham contemplated adopting a similar approach, saying, "But it’s not happening just yet. But, you know, hopefully, one day if I am blessed, then that would be wonderful. But we’re not there just yet."

The pop icon, in a light-hearted manner, expressed, "Christ, it’s hot, guys. It’s hot in here. What’s happening?" Victoria and her husband, David Beckham, parents to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, seem to be in no rush for grandparenthood.

Despite rumors suggesting discord with daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz Beckham during wedding planning, Victoria praised Nicola's talents and her happiness with son Brooklyn. Beckham affirmed, "As a mother, all you want is for your kids to be happy, right?"

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