Do You Remember These 1990's Foods and Snack?

asian female shopping in supermarket

Tastes come and go. What’s popular now may not be popular a few years from now. For example, many of the popular snacks and foods from the 1990’s are no longer around due to taste changes or nutritional guidelines. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 of the top favorite foods from the 1990’s that you can no longer buy!

1. Planters’ Cheez Balls. Nope you can’t get them anymore! They were discontinued in 2006.

2. Berry Berry Kix. You can technically still buy this brand of Kix but unfortunately, it’s a reformulated version which doesn’t taste at all like the original!

3. Keebler’s Magic Middles shortbread cookies with chocolate fudge inside. Gone!

4. Pepsi Blue. Berry flavored Pepsi that tasted horrible. It didn’t make it!

5. Butterfinger BB’s. Discontinued in 2006. However, the Nestle has introduced a mini version of the iconic candy but fans of the original say it doesn’t taste the same.

There are many others. These are just a few. Do you remember any of these? Are there any others you used to enjoy that are no longer available? Let me know!

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