A Piece Of Americana Is Seeing A Resurgence: The Drive-In Movie

Despite the fact that businesses will slowly be reopening over the coming weeks, many people may still be concerned about visiting places for fear they may still catch Covid19 despite safety precautions. As a result, a piece of Americana is seeing a resurgence during these scary times: the drive-in movie theater is making a comeback!

Drive-in movie theaters are becoming a safe haven for people who want to go out for some entertainment while still adhering to safety guidelines. Accordingly to driveinmovie.com, at

their peak in the 1950’s, there were close to 4,000 drive-in theaters in the United States. There are about 330 still standing with approximately 30 still in operation.

The drive-in theaters have had to redo some facilities to adhere to safety guidelines (no shared speakers, covered speakers, etc), frequently sanitized restrooms, and social distancing concession stands, but the increase in business has been remarkable! It’s nice to see this piece of America’s past have a resurgence! Let’s hope it can continue after the Covid19 crises has passed

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