The Villa Pizze Fritte: Revolution to Evolution This Weekend!

The Villa Pizze Fritte has had so much success with its drive thru the past couple of weeks. From long lines stretching back on 690 East its first week in deWitt, to a full Orange Lot of hungry customers this past weekend.

And now, the owners of the store want you to know that you can expect more there this weekend!

Big Kahuna's and Ashley Lynn Winery will join the lineup in the Orange Lot, to provide a unique drive thru experience that has so much to offer. It's happening this Friday through Sunday, from 12pm to 8pm in the Orange Lot at the Fairgrounds.

I talked with J.R. Zazzara, who's a co-owner of The Villa Pizze Frite, to give us a little insight into their success, and how this drive thru idea came to be.

It's a season of isolation amid the Coronavirus. How did you and your family decide to bring some joy into people's lives with the drive thru idea?

This world of social distancing is a lonely one. It’s quite uneventful. My family has an ongoing group message we always talk to each other in. We started talking about Pizze Fritte one night after I told everybody that I made them that evening at my house. The idea of a drive thru concept came about when we realized how it may be a good idea for the Syracuse area. Pizze Fritte not only is a amazing treat. It’s an atmosphere. The music, smiles, and joy that comes from Pizze Fritte seemed to be something was missing in this gloomy time we are living in. After some consideration from the whole family we decided give it a shot!

So you put it into action in deWitt a few weeks ago. I can imagine that's quite a bit of work!

There is a lot that goes into setting up our mobile trailer unit. We have an amazing team and an amazing community. The town of Dewitt worked with us to make this a reality. It was the such a group effort to make something like this possible.

You see lines backed up for miles after your first incredibly successful weekend. How were you able to move to the Orange Lot and evolve for a demanding clientel?

It became clear we could use a bigger space with more structure. When the opportunity came that we could potentially utilize the orange lot at the state fair we took advantage. The State Fair couldn’t be a more prime spot to show off Pizze Fritte in an organized safe way. Troy does an outstanding job as director of the fair. Always thinking of new ways to make that place shine. We are grateful to be able to have the Pizze Fritte stand set up in the orange lot. With safety as a priority the orange lot provides a safe and secure environment to everything under control.

Anything exciting that people can look forward to when they visit this drive thru version of The Villa?

People can enjoy the fact that they are giving back. Each day we have been open we have chosen a charity to donate a portion of our profits. When deciding to come get a bag of Pizze Frittes we want the public to know that they will also be giving back. We as a family adore the Syracuse community. Without the community there is no Pizze Fritte thrills! We are proud to be able give back to a city that has given so much to us.

This post talks about the Evolution of The Villa, that people can experience this weekend - Friday through Sunday - From Noon to 8pm. Elaborate more about it!

Yes the evolution of our drive thru is upon us. This weekend come on out to the first ever “State Fair Food Fest” we will be having Jeff brick the owner of Big Kahuna’s selling his gyros, sausage sandwich, and French fries. Also we will be having Ashley Lynn Winery service sealed wine slushees. This will all he done Drive thru style with an emphasis on safety and all covid 19 guidelines.

I can't wait to go there this weekend. You'll see me with one hand full of pizze fritte, and another hand holding a wine slushie. It's forecasted to be cold, so make sure you dress warmly, and STAY IN YOUR CAR. They will serve you when it is your turn!

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