Online Toilet Paper Calculator Will Tell You How Long Your Supply Will Last

roll of toilet paper flying

Okay. We all know that toilet paper is in great demand and in short supply thanks to the stay-at-home order governments have imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. If case you have been living under a rock, paper products, including toilet paper, have been difficult to get. Grocery store’s paper aisles are barren!

So how much toilet paper do you need? How can you tell if you are using too much toilet paper? Well thankfully, help is here in the form of the Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator! Just tell the calculator how many rolls of toilet paper you have, and how many trips to the toilet you make per day, and the calculator will tell you how long your supply will last!

Now in order to make sure the calculator gives you an accurate result, remember to factor in family members, roommates, or any intestinal issues you may have! The link to the calculator is

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