Meteorological Winter Is Over! How Did Syracuse Do This Winter?

Trees in the snow

Well meteorological winter is over! Winter still has a few weeks to go, but for meteorologists, winter starts on December 1st and runs till March 1st. It’s easier for statistical purposes to run it that way. So how did winter 2019-2020 go? Let’s turn to our Newschannel 9 Storm Team friends for the answer!

If you thought the winter was warmer than usual, you were right! The average temperature was 30 degrees even which is 4 degrees warmer than normal! It was the 11th warmest winter on record.

So how about snowfall? Well we were below average for a normal winter. We received a total of 76.4 inches of snow for the whole winter! Surprisingly, January only had a total of 16.2 inches of snow which is 9.2 inches below normal! February had 29.8 inches of snow, which is 4.5 inches above normal, but 13 inches of that fell in one snowstorm on a Thursday into Friday. So there are you figures as winter 2019-2020 goes into the books. A warmer than normal winter with a below average amount of snowfall.

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