The Story Of The Haunted Elsa "Frozen" Doll

Macro Shot Of Doll Eye

This story is pretty creepy, but fascinating nonetheless! Emily Madonia from Houston states that her daughter, Aurelia, received an Elsa doll, from the Disney movie “Frozen,” that was, well, haunted! After her daughter received the present at Christmas, the doll started acting bizarre.

At first, the doll, when switched off, began talking and singing in Spanish. This immediately creeped the family out. Emily’s husband, Mat, decided he had enough and, with his daughter’s blessing, decided to throw the doll out. He threw it in the trash and thought nothing of it: until the doll showed up on a bench inside the house!

Completely weirded out, the family put it in a tightly wrapped garbage bag, put it in another tightly wrapped garbage bag, and buried it at the bottom of the trash can under other garbage bags and watched it get hauled off by the trash service. Well, guess what? After the family returned from a short vacation, their daughter found the doll again in their backyard! Yes, really!

The family decided to send it far away. So they mailed it to a friend named Chris, who found the story interesting and agreed to accept the doll. Chris acknowledged he received the doll and currently has it taped to the top of his car to insure it goes no place! At least the Madonia family hopes so! Wow, what a creepy story, right?

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