After 13 Years, Carol's Polar Parlor Is Permanently Closed

Ice cream cones

Carol’s Polar Parlor, at the corner of West Genesee Street and Onondaga Road, is closed for good. The ice cream parlor had served patrons for over 13 years. Owner Carol Franceschetti only planned to run it for about 10 years into retirement, but went 3 years beyond her original plan!

Carol said that the business kept getting stronger every year, but that it was time to move on. According to Mary Anne Coogan, Camillus Town Supervisor, the building will be demolished and an new WellNow Urgent Care Center will be built. WellNow will move their center to the new building from its present address, which is a half-a-mile away, upon completion of the new building.

Carol said that she will help her brother-in-law, Peter Haun, owner of Peter’s Polar Parlor on Milton Avenue, by adding some of her hard ice cream to his menu. Peter’s Polar Parlor serves a more traditional soft serve ice cream while Carol had more hard ice cream on her menu. Peter’s will also have more outdoor seating available this year as Carol will move her outdoor seating and tables to Peter’s location. Good luck in your future endeavors, Carol, and thanks for 13 years of delicious ice cream!

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