Blake Shelton And PitBull On A Song Collaboration? Yes, Really!

Young musicians playing concert

Sometimes there is a music collaboration that just floors you when you see it happen. Well one just happened and the results are pretty amazing! Pitbull, the American rapper, has joined forces with country superstar, Blake Shelton, to create a spicy song and video to go with it!

The song, “Get Ready,” is a “Black Betty” sampler (1977 song by Ram Jam) in which Pitbull adds his own club beat to it. Shelton, sings the chorus to the song, and in the music video, dances with his usual country enthusiasm. Shelton said he was honored to collaborate with Pitbull on the song.

The video opens the duo on a country house front porch, with Pitbull remarking how far away he is from his Miami-based home. Shelton has a great response: “Pit, welcome to the countryside.” Classic! If you get a chance, check out the video and let us know what you think!

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