Have You Faltered On Your New Year's Resolutions? Well, You Are Not Alone!

Male dieter crushing belgian bun

It’s February 4th. We are a month into the New Year. So.......how many of you have faltered in your New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t be afraid to raise your hands because research shows you are not alone!

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by mid-February! Why is this so? Well according to some experts, people take on too many resolutions, or resolutions that just don’t work into their busy lifestyle. Eating healthier or getting in shape sometimes works better when you take small steps instead of trying to fit expensive gym memberships into a tight schedule.

Finally, just because you slipped up doesn’t mean you can’t start again! Pick yourself up and start again but with a more attainable way to achieve your goal! Walking up steps at work or parking a little further away from your destination all adds up in the course of a day! Dropping one bottle of soda for a bottle of water each day will help too! So stick with it! Good luck!

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