An Artist Sold What Type Of Creation For $120,000?

Banana and duct tape on white background

It appears that an artist’s creation recently sold in Miami for $120,000. No big deal, right? Good artists usually sell their creations for decent money. However, this creation, by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, is quite, uh, different.

The creation is simply a banana duct tapped to a wall. Yeah, that’s it. A banana duct taped to a wall. In fact, he sold two of them for that price and a third will be up for sale for an increase in price to $150,000. Also the owner must change the banana every few days! Cattelan is also famous for creating the solid gold toilet which was recently stolen from Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire earlier this year.

The museum where the creation was originally shown was excited to have the creation. A spokesperson for Art Basel Miami Beach said that “Maurizio takes mundane objects and transforms them into vehicles of both delight and critique.” I guess I agree with that!

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